Once a year this comes about… and I wanted to make sure you know about it, and hopefully do something special for it.

August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day.

Maybe you know a few seniors, maybe you are one yourself…

…either way…this is a special day and Seniors deserve special recognition.

Seniors lived through the depression, some fought for our future in World War II.  The past 50 years has sped up the change they have lived through.

They’ve seen the massive amount of change happening in their world, and within their direct families.

They may not carry cell phones – but are well aware those younger than them do.  To seniors, that means when they phone, someone should answer, or get back to them very shortly.

Seniors changed our world… and continue to do so to this very day.

So I would highly recommend you do something special for them on the 21st.

One thing they would love from you?  Write them an appreciation letter.

Seniors didn’t grow up wired into a computer like today’s youth has.  They grew up with hand written everything… and still love it.

Write a senior in your life a letter.

Tell them you are thinking about them – and wanted to thank them for being who they are.

Take them out to lunch and let them read your letter.

The impact this little gesture will have is immense.

And if you are a senior – thank you.

You have helped raised the future generations.

You helped us maintain our freedom.

You laid the foundation for all future generations to piggy back on.

Thank you.

I do appreciate you.

And would love to say so in person if given the chance.

Just say when.