November is national novel writing month and I want you to seriously consider doing just that.

Have you ever considered writing?

It could be to share your story, or it could be to share the story you have always wished was yours, and wanted to tell?

In my opinion, EVERYONE has a story to share. Some of us have great imaginations and can conjure up faraway lands and eclectic characters.  Others are fantastic at bringing life to our past experiences.

Others just need to start writing…

…it is HIGHLY therapeutic.

The best way to start?

No matter what you want to write, just start daily journaling.

Keep your journal posts private… and safe.  Keep writing every single day of the week – even if it is just 15 minutes a day.

There are medical research studies that show the health benefits of journaling.  And in honor of national novel writing month… I wanted to give you a kick start on this… and hopefully inspire you to start.

Some thoughts on how to get going:

–         Pick the same time of the day to write.  Early mornings are a great time for many.  Nights work best for others.  Try different times of the day and see which feels more natural and creative.

–         Pen and paper.  Computers are wonderful, but not nearly as therapeutic as a good old pen on paper.  It gives you more time to gather your thoughts… and something magical happens when pen touches paper.

–         Pick your place.  Find a place that nurtures your creativity and desire for “you” time.  Sometimes that is a coffee shop. Other times it is that spare bedroom and a desk that you never use.  Go back to the same place, at the same time, every day for a month.

–         Set a timer.  Start with 15 minutes at a time.  Then go to 30.  Then 45. Etc. You will find that this becomes one of your favourite times of the day.

–         If you are stuck on what to write about… pick something in the room, anything, and start writing about it.  Or just start writing about how you have nothing to write about.  Writers block is all in the mind, so you need to get out of your head and just start writing.  The words quickly start to flow when you ignore feeling ‘stuck’

–        Pick your favourite ‘writing hat’ or sweater.  Develop your own writing ritual.

–        Put on some soothing music.  Baroque usually is a great background for your creative writing time.

The key to any of this though?

To just get started.  It all sounds good in theory… and the best of intentions may be made.  But you have to write.  Every day. Think about having your book in print.  The people’s lives you can touch. The relatives of yours that will love your legacy.

Writing is a wonderful thing and today is the time to start!