Take a moment and think back over all the great family members who have blessed your life.

The good… the bad… and the dysfunctional :o)

Think about what makes them great.

Their personal little quirks.

The things about them that make you laugh.

The things they did to make you laugh… or cry.

Then do them a favour…

…no matter if they are still with us or not.

…no matter if they are in your good books or not.

Write them a gratitude letter.

A simple one.

Nothing fancy.

Just share with them that you are thinking of them and that you really do appreciate everything they have ever done for you.

Again – the good, the bad, and the dysfunctional.

Even if you are not on the best of terms now or in the past… they were a part of your life and they helped you be who you are today

It’ll take you 20 minutes tops.

Best 20 minute investment you can make this month.

If the family members you are writing to are still with us on this earth, send them the letter.

Don’t email it.

Write it out in hand… get a real envelope… and a stamp.

Then mail it.

It will make you feel sooooo good.

Them… even better.

If they have passed on, write the letter and keep it in a safe place.  Read it once a month when you are feeling down or just need a picker upper.

Nothing beats some simple appreciation for the fantastic people who helped create the life we now enjoy.

It is very therapeutic – just try it and see.

Let me know how you feel after.